Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is a strategic outsourcing model that involves hiring additional talent to supplement your existing workforce. In this model, you hire skilled professionals to work alongside your in-house team on a temporary or project basis.

At our company, we provide staff augmentation services to help businesses meet their staffing needs and achieve their business objectives. With our flexible staffing solutions, you can quickly scale your team up or down as per your changing business requirements.

Our Services

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Hire Web Developers

We have a team of web developers with expertise in technologies such as WordPress, React, Node.js, and Angular.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Our team of mobile app developers have expertise in different technology stacks like Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

Hire Dynamics 365 Developers

We offer experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers who specialize in different modules of Dynamics 365 such as sales, finance, and project operations.

Hire OutSystems Developers-Klevron

Hire OutSystems Developers

Hire our Expert OutSystems Developer for application development, customization, or maintenance.

Hire Salesforce Developers

We have the right expertise with specific Salesforce technologies you need assistance with, such as Lightning Web Components, Apex, or Visualforce.

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Hire Power Platform Developers

We have strong expertise in Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Apps (Canvas Apps & Model-driven Apps), Power Automate, and Power BI.

Why Choose Klevron to Hire Developers?

Cost Savings
We offer competitive pricing than market without compromising on quality.
Zero Overheads
You won't have to bear the costs related to payroll, taxes, infrastructure, and employee benefits.
Access to Top talents
You have access to a pool of highly skilled professionals with specific expertise.
Our developers are fluent in English and can communicate through email, phone, and video conferencing.
Quality & Security
We ensure 100% confidentiality of your project and delivery of high-quality work.
Flexible Timings
Our professionals can work in same working hours as your if required.

Our Engagement Models

We work under flexible engagement models, tailored as per your project goals.

Part Time Model

We offer the option to hire a part-time developer for 4 hours per day. Our part-time developers can work on a flexible schedule that suits your business needs and project requirements.

Full Time Model

Hire a dedicated resource to work on your projects for 8 hours per day. Hiring a dedicated resource can offer several benefits such as Full-time availability, Consistent progress, and Access to specialized skills.

Hourly Model

We provide team augmentation engagements in which our experienced resources work with your team on an hourly basis. It is a flexible pricing model that charges you based on the actual hours worked on the project.

How we work?

At Klevron, we have made the process as simple and straightforward as possible to cater our clients.

We understand that finding the right web developer can be a challenging task, and that’s why we are here to help.

We start by understanding your project requirements, timeline, and budget.

Based on the project requirements, we identify potential candidates from our pool of experienced developers who have the necessary skills and expertise.

We conduct an initial screening of the potential candidates to assess their qualifications, experience, and expertise. This includes reviewing their resumes, portfolios, and conducting an initial interview.

Once you’ve selected a candidate, we’ll provide you with a detailed Master Service Agreement. This will include a timeline, the cost, and the scope of work.

We provide a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure that the developer has the necessary resources, tools, and support to begin working on the project efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

Staff augmentation is a staffing strategy that involves hiring temporary staff with specific skills to supplement an existing team or fill a temporary gap in staffing.

Some of the key benefits of staff augmentation include flexibility, specialized expertise, cost-effectiveness, and reduced risk.

Yes, staff augmentation can be a more cost-effective alternative to hiring permanent staff, as businesses can avoid the costs of recruiting, training, and benefits associated with full-time employees. Additionally, businesses can leverage the expertise and skills of temporary staff without having to invest in training or development.

You absolutely can. On a full-time basis, we supply ready-to-hire qualified resources with extensive experience in Business Process Transformation.

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